Uleric the Wizard’s Apprentice versus Blizgash the Destroyer

Tam Groot’s city is plagued by three things: monsters, heroes, and monsters fighting heroes.  So when a behemoth named Blizgash arrives outside the city gates, Tam decides to take matters into his own hands the only way he knows how – by offering legal representation.
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Survival of the Fittest

After a strange experience near the Laotian border, a Vietnam vet becomes convinced that an undead apocalypse will one day destroy the world.  After decades of preparation, he is finally proven correct…only to find that the key to surviving the apocalypse is not at all what he expected.
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The Birth Will Take Place on a Mutually Acceptable Research Vessel.

Humans and Tharkans – two races still in the early stages of first contact.  While politicians, pontiffs, and pundits debate about how to coexist with their galactic neighbors, one woman has a more personal struggle: she is an expecting mother.  And her baby is the first one ever conceived between members of two alien races.  
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Listed by Rich Horton as one of his “Recommended Stories” for May 2016 in Locus Magazine

“Bailey does a solid job of presenting the larger world through the eyes of the narrator and making the personal universal….interesting and the best of the issue.” – Robert Turner III, Tangent

“…a touching story about motherhood and intergalactic relationships…my favorite story of the issue.” – Stephen Williams, SwillBlog

“Culture clashes, sly humor, power struggles, and maternal danger all contribute to a lovely package. Award-worthy.” – Incredible Short Stories

“I absolutely loved this short story due to the depth of the main character, the world building, and the other characters (they were all so complex in the end).” – Utopia State of Mind 

“Great story.” – SF Revu

It is Pointless to Resist

Bristling with superior weaponry, an alien spaceship arrives to forcibly harvest Earth’s natural resources.  But when they open their doors, expecting to receive a peace delegation from the United Nations, they find a different sort of emissary: salesmen.
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