I, Matthew Bailey, being born of goodly parents, hail from Salt Lake City, Utah, having also spent time in California and Alaska.  I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer by spiritual calling, but I make my living as a freelance ghostwriter and as the Head Writer at a marketing company.Matt

My free time is devoted to huffing and puffing on several different instruments, the saxophone first and foremost.  (I also play the piano, organ, clarinet, and tin whistle.)  When not battling a severe case of B.A.D. (Book Acquisition Disorder), I also love romping in the Wasatch Mountains with my wife, Ginger, and three sons, Tristan, Austin, and Stockton.  Jazz music, history, politics, and sports are my other obsessions.

Finally, I also write about Brazilian soccer at www.brazilworldcupblog.net.